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New Balance Minimus trail running shoes — up to 43% off

Amazon.com has New Balance Minimus trail running shoes on sale again. I picked up a pair of these when they were a Gold Box Deal a few weeks ago and I absoultely adore them. I have seriously never owned a more comfortable pair of shoes. I may never buy another kind of sneaker again. I truly love them that much.

If you’re not familiar with the Minimus series, they are designed to mimic walking or running barefoot. They are exceptionally light and don’t offer the same amount of cushioning that a regular running shoe would, but they are oh, so comfy.

I can definitely feel a difference in them when I run. My feet don’t strike at the heel, so I have a more natural running stride. For more information about barefoot running, check out this research information from Harvard University or this op-ed from the Christian Science Monitor.

Even if you are not a runner, walking barefoot can help to strengthen the muscles of your feet and ankles. The Minimus shoes and other “barefoot” shoes are a great substitute for when you can’t actually run or walk barefoot.

Right now, you can buy the New Balance Men’s MT20v1 Trail Minimus Shoe for as low as $57.44 — a 43% savings off the retail price — with free shipping. The New Balance Women’s WT20v1 Trail Minimus Shoe is available for as little as $63.99 — a 36% savings — with $6.99 shipping.

Please note: Amazon.com’s prices change frequently. These are the prices I found, but they are not necessarily the current price. Also, Amazon.com’s prices on these shoes vary depending on the size and style you choose, so these prices may not be available in the size or style you want.

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