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39% off the Ekobrew refillable K-cup

Amazon.com has a coupon right now for an additional 10% off a brown Ekobrew Cup that will bring the price down to $10.34 at checkout — a 39% savings off the retail price. Please note: This coupon only applies to the brown filter. If you really want the green, you’ll have to fork over an extra $0.61 (still a 35% savings off the retail price).

According to the product page, the new Ekobrew features a reinforced hinge, denser material for greater strength and a tighter seal. The Ekobrew is USA-made and doesn’t contain BPA. To use it, just fill the Ekobrew with your favorite coffee, place it in your machine and brew like you normally would. Please note: the Ekobrew is not compatible with the B30, B130, B150 and B155.

We have a similar reusable filter for our K-cup machine and I would highly recommend a reusable filter like this for anyone with a Keurig. It’s better for the environment, since you’re not constantly throwing away K-cups, and it’s better for your wallet. Plus, you can use your favorite coffee or tea, regardless of whether it’s available as a K-cup.

Please note: Amazon.com’s prices change frequently. These are the prices I found, but they are not necessarily the current prices.

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