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Avoiding Toxins and Chemicals in Pregnancy

pregnant bellyAlthough I had been following a natural lifestyle long before I got pregnant with my son, my pregnancy definitely caused me to take that interest to a higher level. Everything you do in pregnancy seems to take on a greater meaning. There are so many rules about what you can’t do or eat, and it really made me realize for the first time the responsibility of caring for another person.

But for me protecting my son while I was pregnant was about more than turning down a glass of wine at a cocktail party or avoiding the sushi bar. I wanted to protect him from chemicals and other toxins in our environment, too. That meant everything became suspect — from the shampoo I used to the types of fish I ate.

Of course, it is impossible to completely avoid all the toxic chemicals in our environment in this modern age. So the key for me was to proceed with caution and opt for safer alternatives when available and reasonable.

If you’re pregnant and concerned about toxins and chemicals, please check out this article. It discusses some of the ones with the greatest potential to harm your unborn child and tells you how to avoid them.

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