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Finding the Perfect Organic Cloth Diaper

Our Natural JourneyWe gave several different types of diapers a try when my son was a newborn, including prefolds, fitteds, all-in-ones and pocket diapers. We also tried diaper covers with snaps and with aplix. My hope was to figure out what kind of diaper would work best for us.

Once he was ready to move on to bigger diapers, it was time to choose a diapering system. We liked all-in-ones the best, but decided those were too costly to be a realistic choice for us. Instead, we decided to go with hybrid diapers, which seemed just as easy to use, but cost less and dried faster than all-in-ones. And we knew that we wanted a diaper made out of natural, organic fabrics.

If you’re searching for an organic cloth diaper, please read my latest article, which outlines my picks for the top organic cloth diapers available today.

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