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Top Picks for Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Our Natural JourneyIt’s no secret that our family loves stainless steel bottles. We have several in a variety of sizes and since I try to drink a gallon of water every day, I keep a stainless steel bottle as an almost constant companion.

We used glass baby bottles for our son, but for our next child, I am definitely considering making the leap to stainless steel. Why? Well, stainless steel isn’t breakable like glass is, for one thing. Although we’ve never had a glass bottle break on us (yet), I like the durability of stainless steel. Additionally, some of the stainless steel bottles on the market today convert to sippy cups and water bottles, so they have a longer lifespan than your average baby bottle. One brand is also completely free of plastic, which is a big plus for our family, since we try to avoid using plastic whenever possible.

If you’re considering buying a stainless steel baby bottle, please check out my latest article, which lists the top brands on the market today.

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2 Responses to Top Picks for Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

  1. You have missed the very best bottle system of all. The G2 Wave Stainless Steel Bottle System by Goo-Goo Baby. They were the very first stainless steel baby bottles on the market and are still the best. The set comes with adapters and lids that will take your child from baby to 99 years! We have at least 10 of these great bottles. And there is no paint to chip off! I even use one at the gym. Their website is http://www.goo-goobaby.com.

    Hope you all find this helpful.


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