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Eco-Friendly Kits for the Mom-to-Be

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Baby showers are funny things. While the mom-to-be is the center of attention, she’ll usually open gift after gift geared toward her unborn child. Sure, many of these items are useful and lots of them are adorable, but pregnant women need stuff, too, and they’re too often forgotten about in all the hoopla over baby.

Motherhood is hard work. It’s certainly the most difficult — and rewarding (you always have to add that, too, don’t you?) — job I’ve ever had.

And pregnancy hasn’t exactly been easy for me, either. My first pregnancy started with terrible bouts of nausea and ended with a life-threatening medical condition that led to an emergency c-section. During my second pregnancy, I battled with fatigue, a kidney stone that had to be surgically removed, and hip and groin pain so bad I could barely walk at times.

My point is this: Pregnant women and new moms could always use a little pampering. In either case, women must make sacrifices to help their children grow — and often they do so at the expense of themselves.

So, if you’re headed to a baby shower soon or are expecting a baby of your own, I urge you to check out my latest article, which lists some great kits for moms-to-be that are not only good for mom, but good for the environment as well.

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