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Greening Your Nursing Experience

Photo © Hygeia

If you’re breastfeeding, you’re already making a choice that’s healthier for your baby and for the planet. But if you really want to go organic when it comes to your nursing gear, please check out my latest About.com article for some of my top product picks.

Included in the list is the Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump with Deluxe Tote Set. The tote set wasn’t available when I had my son, but I used this pump for more than a year — most of which I spent exclusively pumping.

Needless to say, with a year of pumping under my belt, I am very familiar with this product. I also highly recommend it, not just for its performance as a pump but because of Hygeia’s commitment to keeping breast pumps out of landfills. Most other consumer breast pumps on the market are designed for single users, so once you’re done with them, the only thing you can safely do is toss them. But Hygeia’s pumps can be used multiple times, as long as each user purchases her own personal accessory set. And if you don’t have anyone you can sell, donate or give your pump to, you can return it to Hygeia and they’ll recycle or reuse it. In my book, that’s smart business.

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