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KicKee Pants Newborn Gift Set Review


Photo © KicKee Pants

Since our first child is a boy, one of the things I’m enjoying about being a second-time mom is buying clothes for our daughter. I’m not really into super girly stuff, so finding clothes I really like isn’t always easy.

With a newborn, I also like to have practical outfits that are easy for diaper changes, too, and, of course, I try to buy clothes made from natural and organic fabrics as much as possible. So, I’m always happy when I can find something that’s stylish, natural and practical.

I was lucky enough to receive a KicKee Pants newborn gift set
to review and I’m happy to report that this outfit meets all three of my criteria. It makes an adorable outfit for when you’re out, is easy for diaper changes and even fits bulky cloth diapers. You can read my full review here.

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