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Choosing Eco-Friendly Non-Stick Cookware

Photo © Scanpan

Photo © Scanpan

Concerned about the potential health effects from the chemicals used to produce non-stick cookware, we abandoned its use in our household several years ago. At first, we turned to cast iron skillets, but those became impractical once we moved into a new house and started cooking with a glass cooktop. Eventually, we settled on a Le Creuset skillet that, while not truly non-stick, has served us well for many years.

But with the arrival of our second child, my husband has taken on more cooking responsibilities for our household and let’s just say the Le Creuset isn’t wearing well. It’s pretty clear we’ll be needing something with a non-stick surface again, since no one in our household has time to be scrubbing stuck-on food particles off our Le Creuset anymore.

Faced with this decision, what’s an eco-friendly family to do? Well, fortunately, there are many non-stick cookware products on the market today that avoid the use of chemicals like PFOA and PTFE. For a quick breakdown of what’s available, check out my latest About.com article.

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