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Almond Butter Blueberry Jam Bars

almond butter blueberry jam bars

Our son devours Larabars. I love them because they have very simple ingredients (9 ingredients at most) and they are all simple, natural ingredients (nuts, dates, etc.). With such simple ingredients, though, that also means that it is easy to make your own, so that’s just what we decided to do recently. Making our own…

Tropical Traditions Green Label Virgin and Expeller-Pressed organic coconut oils — review

Tropical Traditions Green Label Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

If you read my blog, you know that we rely heavily on coconut oil in our cooking. Since we try to avoid dairy products, we don’t use butter in our cooking or baking much any longer. And we consider it a healthier option than olive oil, which used to be my go-to cooking oil. But…

How to make your own almond butter

almond butter

We love almond butter, and we go through a lot of it. It’s not unheard of for us to go through more than 50 oz. in a week! I was first introduced to almond butter by my husband when we first started dating. One of his favorite snacks at the time was a sliced apple…

Almond Bliss Bars

almond bliss bars

These bars are a little like Almond Joy bars, only better, since they don’t have corn syrup, milk, soy, artificial flavors or as much sugar. I got the idea for them after making coconut butter last week. They have three simple ingredients (coconut, chocolate and almonds) and are very easy to make. With three chocolate…

Chocolate Chimp Coconut Ice Cream

Chunky Monkey coconut ice cream

This is my Paleo version of Ben & Jerry’s “Chunky Monkey” flavor. It doesn’t have any dairy or added sugar, but it is still fantastic. We used Lindt Excellence Supreme Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa to make ours. I melted extra dark chocolate in the microwave and drizzled it on top for a topping, along with…

Berry Coconut Ice Cream

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 3.22.24 PM

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Egg & Ham Sammies

egg & ham sammies

This is an easy breakfast for mornings on-the-go. I use All-Clad stainless steel frying pans for this recipe and they turn out beautifully. These would also be great cooked in an iron skillet, but we have a ceramic cooktop, so no more iron skillets for us. We gave up non-stick pans ages ago because of…

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