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40% off New Balance Minimus trail running shoes (today only)

Amazon.com’s Gold Box deal of the day today is 40% off on New Balance Minimus trail running shoes. These shoes feature a Vibram outsole and are designed to be worn and mimic barefoot running.

I just ordered a pair for myself. I am anxious to try these out. I tried the Nike Frees a few years back and found them to be very comfortable, but the Minimus is supposed to more closely mimic being barefoot.

I love to run, but I’ve also had some significant injuries (namely, plantar fasciitis and IT band syndrome) that have led me to turn to wearing orthotics. The concept of barefoot running really intrigues me, though, because I think it could help me to develop a better stride and strengthen the muscles in my feet.

I tried barefoot running briefly after my son was born when I was just jogging, but my first significant barefoot run on the treadmill resulted in major rug burn on my soles, which was not fun. Plus, I really don’t want to have to develop the thick calluses on my feet that would be required to truly be a barefoot runner, so minimalist shoes seem like a good compromise.

Shh. Don’t tell my podiatrist!

P.S. The Amazon widget does not appear to be showing the correct price for the men’s shoe. It’s $59.95.
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Do you like to be barefoot?
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