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Wordless Wednesday: Our yard sale farm table

farm tablefarm tableThis is my not-so-wordless Wordless Wednesday post. I just have to share about this table. For years, I have desired Pottery Barn’s Benchwright table, but it has just never been in our budget to buy it. So we kept our little 4-seater table that I bought for my studio apartment more than a decade ago when I first moved out on our own. When our family became a threesome, it became harder to accommodate dinner guests, but we limped along. We briefly tried to sell our table and chairs on craigslist before we moved and even considered buying a table from a Restoration Hardware outlet store, but even that was too much.

Our plan was for my husband to build us a table … and then this weekend I saw this table. I didn’t think much of it when I saw it, to be honest. It had been used as a craft table so it was covered with paint splotches and it didn’t have a price on it either. But when I came back and took a second look at it, I knew I wanted to take it home. For the price of a Pottery Barn dining chair, we now finally have a table that can seat all of us (and more) comfortably — our first real family table.

It’s made from reclaimed pine, so it is full of scratches and other imperfections, but I love it. They give it character, and I don’t have to worry about when it gets scratched.

I actually like it better than the Pottery Barn table, too, because it has a more timeless appeal. Plus, it’s more frugal and eco-conscious to buy used furniture made of reclaimed wood, right?

Isn’t it pretty? Now we just need to get some more chairs …

What great items have you picked up at yard sales recently?

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