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Beaba Babypote Reusable Squeeze Pouch

Beaba BabypoteOne of my son’s favorite snacks as a toddler has been Happy Baby’s organic mango baby food in a squeeze pouch. They were an easy snack for me to throw into a bag and he would happily suck one down in no time.

But when I came across Beaba’s Babypote reusable snack pouch, I suddenly realized how wasteful it was for us to constantly be throwing away all of these single-use squeeze pouches. Plus, I’ve always preferred making food for him when feasible rather than buying pre-packaged items. So, the Babypote seemed to be a great fit for us — a reusable container that allowed me to pack homemade fruit smoothies and fruit purees.

And indeed, the Babypote has proved to be just that. You can read my full review of the Babypote here.

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