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Camelbak Eddy Glass 0.7L Bottle Review

Photo © Camelbak. Used with permission.

My third bout with kidney stones pretty well convinced me that I needed to drink more water. More than a month of pain, sometimes excruciating, while pregnant will do that to you, I guess. After my doctors removed a blueberry-sized kidney stone from me, I became determined to up my water intake. I now aim for a gallon a day.

That’s a lot of water, and I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t always easy to meet that goal every day, but I have found that drinking from a water bottle, rather than a glass, has helped me increase my water intake. I find it much easier to sip throughout the day from a water bottle that I refill three or four times rather than drinking glass after glass of water.

So, I was excited when Camelbak provided me with one of their new Eddy Glass bottles for review. I always appreciate getting the opportunity to try new eco-friendly products on the market and see whether they’re an improvement over products I already own. As it turns out, the Eddy Glass bottle is in many ways superior to the stainless steel bottles I usually use, but I think it could be improved in some ways, too. You can read my full review of the¬†Camelbak Eddy Glass 0.7L bottle here.

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