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Paleo BLT

This Paleo recipe makes 4 servings. Approximate preparation and cooking time: 30 minutes.

Paleo BLT

Paleo BLT



  • 1 lb. package of nitrate-, nitrate- and gluten-free bacon
  • 8 leaves of lettuce
  • 1 medium tomato, sliced
  • 1 avocado, sliced


  1. Place the bacon in a single layer on a baking sheet and put the baking sheet on the center rack of a cold oven. Turn the oven on to 350° F. Set the timer for 25 minutes.
  2. While the bacon is cooking, slice the tomato and avocado.
  3. When the bacon is fully cooked (in about 25-30 minutes), arrange 4 slices of bacon, 1-2 slices of tomato and 1/4 of the avocado slices in the center of one of the lettuce leaves. Wrap another piece of lettuce around the sandwich so that it covers one of the openings in the wrap you just created, creating a pocket for your sandwich. Secure with toothpicks if necessary. Repeat this procedure for the remaining sandwiches.

Don’t forget to save all that yummy bacon grease for use in other recipes. If you want, you can pour it through a strainer lined with cheesecloth before storing to remove any large bacon bits.

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2 Responses to Paleo BLT

  1. How delicious…and cleaver!

    Thank you for sharing your recipe with us this week on AFW! Be sure to check back next week for reader favorites and hostess picks.

    Be Well,
    –AFW Hostesses

  2. I love lettuce wraps! That looks good. We don’t eat pork so I would use turkey bacon, but it would still be good.

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