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45% off grass-fed beef at Tropical Traditions

tropical traditionsThrough Sunday, June 17, you can purchase 12 lbs. of grass-fed ground beef at Tropical Traditions for 45% off! That’s a $130.00 retail value for only $71.50 and a $19.09 savings over their normal sale price.

This is 100% grass-fed beef from small-scale family farms in Wisconsin, meaning the cows are on pasture, not in feed lots eating silage. They are also finished on grass and do not eat grains at all. Many sources of “grass-fed” beef today are simply from cows in feedlots eating silage year round.

Tropical Traditions also doesn’t process animals in the Winter or early Spring, when they are only eating dry grass. Their animals are eating green grass right up to the time of processing and are dry-aged before packaging.

Remember, through midnight EDT tonight, all Tropical Traditions ground shipments within the lower 48 United States will be free with the use of their free shipping coupon!

To take advantage of this special, you must enter coupon code 11126 in your cart before checking out, and choose either Ground or SmartPost from the drop-down list of shipping options! Free shipping is not applied automatically. Orders placed before today cannot be refunded for shipping charges.

This special offer does not apply to refrigerated or frozen items, products shipped directly from their farms in Wisconsin (eggs, produce, Lady Finger popcorn, heirloom dry shell bean mix, heirloom cornmeal and heirloom whole kernel corn), or to rebounders, which are shipped by the manufacturer. It also does not apply to 3-day, 2nd day air and overnight shipments. The coupon also does not apply to Healthy Buyer’s Club discounted items.

To get the most out of this special offer, check out the items currently on sale at Tropical Traditions.

Through Thursday, you can buy 1 pint of Tropical Traditions Pure Coconut Oil and get 1 pint free! That’s a $25.00 retail value for only $12.50 and a $3.48 savings over the regular sale price for 2 pints! This is Tropical Traditions’ most affordable coconut oil.

Here are Tropical Traditions’ other sales right now:

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