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Choosing an Organic Baby Carrier

Our Natural JourneyBefore I had my son, I scooped up as many organic baby carriers as I could find, since I was determined to have him near me as much as possible and I wanted everything I put on or near him to be as natural as possible. I ended up with three organic carriers: the Hot Sling (which is no longer available in organic fabric), Moby Wrap and Ergobaby carriers.

Since our son was so teeny when he was born, I started using the Moby Wrap earliest. While my son seemed to enjoy it, I did not. Wrapping and unwrapping it took too much time and I never felt like I could get him positioned properly to ensure that he could breathe properly.

Eventually, I moved on to the Hot Sling. I liked that this was easy to put on and take off and that it could easily be stored in a diaper bag. Once my son was holding up his head on his own, it was very easy to tuck him into it and go.

However, by this point, it was also pretty clear that neither my son nor I were the babywearing types. I enjoyed having some freedom from him and he liked exploring the world himself much more than being tucked into a baby carrier. So, we really only ended up using this carrier on a limited basis, mostly when we were out someplace where plopping him into a stroller, carrying him or putting him in a shopping cart wasn’t really feasible.

Once my son was a toddler, we started using our Ergobaby carrier more, especially for hikes. However, this carrier really didn’t work well for hiking in the summer, since both our son and whoever was carrying him would inevitably get terribly hot and sweaty from having their two bodies pressed together.

Basically, babywearing didn’t work all that well for us and we never found a carrier we really loved. What about you? Do you have a baby carrier you love?

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